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Observatorium allows you to run and operate effectively a multi-tenant, easy to operate, scalable open source observability system on Kubernetes. This system will allow you to ingest, store and use common observability signals like metrics, logging and tracing. Observatorium is a "meta project" allows you to manage, integrate and combine multiple well-established existing projects like Thanos, Loki, Tempo/Jaeger, Open Policy Agent etc under a single consistent system with well-defined tenancy APIs and signal correlation capabilities. As active maintainers and contributors to the underlying projects, we created a reference configuration, with extra software that connects those open source solutions into one unified and easy to use service. It adds missing gaps between those projects like consistency, multi-tenancy, security and resiliency pieces that are needed for a robust backend.

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Open-source Apache 2.0 Licensed. GitHub


Push metrics from any remote-write compatible source and query them using Prometheus compatible APIs. Use exemplars to correlate to logs and traces (Exemplars Coming Soon).


Push logs using Loki Push API and use them via Loki query and tail APIs.


Coming Soon!


Authentication using OIDC/OAuth2

Authorization using Open Policy Agent